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After completing 106 km hike around the Isle of Wight in 2017. We found there was a limited variety of protein products available on the market for people who enjoyed spending hours away on their weekend adventures and outdoor activities. This ultimately led to the creation of our own version of Biltong, a high protein, low carb, food snack. Originating from South Africa, biltong has been their staple snack and food source for hundreds of years, and while we don’t often think of snack foods as being part of a healthy, nutritionally balanced meal, Luvbiltong is the exception. After several months of trying to perfect our biltong making skills, applying different methods, using different spices and following different recipes, we believe that we have cracked the Pepper (pun intended) and that our spice to meat ratio offers what we believe is the perfect biltong for biltong lovers - that's Luvbiltong.


Our secret is no secret at all, in fact, we only use four simple ingredients to create our mouthwateringly juicy pieces of original Biltong. Prepared by hand, using just the right amount of spices to meat ratio, allowing a consistent taste and texture throughout our product range.

Gluten Free, with No added MSG, and no harmful preservatives. We use natural ingredients in the production of our biltong.

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