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Wagyu (“wagyuo”) is a cross breed of cattle native to Japan which began in 1868. Also known as Kobe beef, it's marbling texture is caused by intra-muscular fat.

Few cows are often raised by the breeder until 10 months old and fed a mix of fibre and high energy concentrate made from Rice, wheat and hay and are massaged and exercised daily which contributes to the beautiful marbling resulting in Kobe beef, being the most expensive beef globally. 

We use the same four spices as our tender steaks which allows the natural flavour of the beef to arouse the five senses.

Wagyu Beef Biltong - 75g


Once opened, store in a sealed container and refrigerate. Eat within three days. To store for a longer period, use a sealed container or vacuum pack to freeze. (will last for up to 12 months).

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