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Fitness Training with Luvbiltong natural food snacks

The snack, you never knew existed.


While we don’t often think of snack foods as being part of a healthy diet, Luvbiltong, however, is an exception. We believe our biltong creations have the perfect blend of spices. We begin the process using Scottish, Grass-fed beef, we use Silverside and Topside, after cutting into smaller manageable pieces, we then spice and tumble until soft and tender, we monitor, wait 4-5 days, slice these biltong pieces into bite-size pieces. Once you  place your order, your yummy biltong will be delivered to your door within 2 working days, making sure you receive the freshest biltong. Discover something delicious today.

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These food snacks are healthier option, packed full of proteins, made with only four ingredients that are used to create the natural flavours with which our grandparents are familiar. We support small and local farmers by offering a selection of their produce while creating our wide range of biltong products and serving the needs of our customers and adventure seekers. With these, you can indulge yourself, guilt free(ish).

Christmas Gift Box


We believe you should have your steak and eat it… anywhere and everywhere you go. Try our best-selling biltong for the perfect protein punch to get you through your day!

Made with just four natural ingredients, our premium steaks are spiced and prepared by hand, then hung for 14 days. Now you can have your steak on the go, wherever and whenever you need it.


Always a big hit with our customers, these are a highly recommended snack for those intrepid adventure seekers. This grab-and-go snack is packed with enough energy in the form of proteins, fats, and sodium. Try it for yourself and find out why we just can’t stop babbling about this delicious selection of LuvBiltong's Droëwors.

Christmas Gift Box
Christmas Gift Box


Our stix, either chili or plain, have less moisture than our normal biltong and are much spicier! These are biltong sticks that come in various sizes, and are usually pencil thin, with little-to-no fat and are medium dried. One of our most popular selling products.

Tip: Great for teething babies!


We are always looking forward to serving you with our delicious, healthy snacks and products!

169 Peregrine Road Sunbury-On-Thames TW16 6JJ  |  Tel: +44 774 559 9550

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